Steel wire braided hoses

Steel wire braided hoses


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High pressure hose assembly

Our high pressure hose assembly (JB1885-1890-77) is a good quality of high pressure wire braided or spiral rubber hose and steel joint (JB1891-1900-77) by the special equipment to withhold, used to connect all kinds of hydraulic components in the hydraulic system, mainly used in the working temperature of 40 ℃ to + 100 ℃ condition, the hydraulic power transmission or delivery high-pressure media such as water, gas, oil, to ensure that the liquid circulation and transfer of energy.

About participating in the Canton Fair foreign trade exchange and learning

On April 15th, the foreign trade team of Huanri Company participated in the Canton Fair with Manager Zhang and Manager Li to meet customers from all over the world and show our products and services. During the exhibition, we met many potential customers, exchanged their needs and cooperation intentions, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. Canton Fair is one of the largest trade shows in the world, attracting exhibitors and buyers from various countries and regions every year. We are honored to be one of the exhibitors to show our products and services, and have been highly praised and recognized by our customers. We will continue to be committed to providing customers with quality

"Oman-based Zake becomes a new foreign trade partner for our company

"Oman-based Zake becomes a new foreign trade partner for our company

"A bridge of Friendship spanning thousands of miles - a visit from Omani client Zake"

Recently, we were fortunate to welcome Zake, a foreign trade customer from Oman. With his enthusiasm and curiosity, Mr. Zake visited our production site and showroom together with us, and had an in-depth cooperation and exchange.

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