The working meeting on drafting group standards for rubber hoses and tapes was held in Chongqing

On April 9-12, the Rubber Pipe and Tape Branch of China Rubber Association held a group standard preparation meeting for rubber pipe and tape in Chongqing. Some experts from the expert group and members of each preparation group of the rubber pipe and tape branch attended the meeting, and Li Hong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Rubber Industry Association and Secretary General of the rubber pipe and tape branch, attended the meeting.



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Business scope

We have obtained multiple patents and awards in rubber and plastic, gained unanimous recognition in the industry, received many awards from provincial and municipal leaders, and was granted as Hebei Well-Known Enterprise, Xingtai Key Enterprise, China Quality Promotion Member Enterprise, and China’s Product Quality-Assured Enterprise. In 2008, with the economic development of the Ren County and the support from both provincial and municipal governments, we signed Xingtai key development project and invested RMB 240 million to buy 140 Mu of land and added new project of high-pressure rubber hoses. Our products have been certified by the International Standard Quality Management System and were granted Chinese Industrial Product Manufacture Licenses for Wire Reinforced Rubber Hoses and Hose Assemblies, and Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products, etc.