The working meeting on drafting group standards for rubber hoses and tapes was held in Chongqing

On April 9-12, the Rubber Pipe and Tape Branch of China Rubber Association held a group standard preparation meeting for rubber pipe and tape in Chongqing. Some experts from the expert group and members of each preparation group of the rubber pipe and tape branch attended the meeting, and Li Hong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Rubber Industry Association and Secretary General of the rubber pipe and tape branch, attended the meeting.



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The "Seventeen Articles" were introduced, and multiple measures were taken to boost the manufacturing industry

On November 29th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council jointly issued a notice on consolidating the upward trend and boosting the industrial economy.
The Notice lists a total of 17 measures, including epidemic prevention and control, project construction, market consumption, foreign trade exports, industrial chain security, raw material supply, energy security, government policies and financial support, to systematically introduce measures to enhance enterprise vitality and ensure stable development of the industrial economy.
Some of the content has certain policy benefits and guiding significance for the rubber industry and upstream and downstream industries.

The following is an excerpt of some content closely related to industrial development in the Notice:
1. Accelerate the construction of major projects.
Make good use of policy based development financial tools, equipment renewal and renovation loans, interest subsidies, and medium to long-term loans in the manufacturing industry, accelerate the construction of major projects, coordinate the protection of land, energy, and other factors, and strive to start construction early and achieve results early.
Revise the "Investment Guidelines for Industrial Enterprise Technological Transformation and Upgrading", implement the industrial enterprise technological transformation and upgrading oriented plan, and guide enterprises to carry out a new round of technological transformation and equipment update investment.
2. Deeply tap into market potential and expand consumer demand.
Further expand automobile consumption, implement preferential policies such as halving the purchase tax on 2.0-liter and below displacement passenger cars, and extending the exemption of purchase tax on new energy vehicles, and launch pilot projects for comprehensive electrification of public sector vehicles in cities.
3. Stabilize the export of industrial products.
Ensure the stability of the foreign trade industry chain, guide various regions to establish a service guarantee system for key foreign trade enterprises, timely solve the difficult problems of foreign trade enterprises, and provide guarantees in production, logistics, employment, and other aspects.
Improve the efficiency of port collection and distribution and domestic transportation, ensuring fast transit of import and export goods.
Implement policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade, further increase support for export credit insurance, and effectively allocate foreign trade credit.
Support the development of new foreign trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses.
4. Enhance the resilience and security level of the industrial and supply chains.
All regions should strictly implement the "nine prohibitions" requirements for epidemic prevention and control, guide enterprises to establish closed-loop production plans and emergency response plans, do a good job in production material reserves, employee arrival, living, and epidemic prevention material supply, and ensure smooth flow of people and logistics.
Establish a coordination mechanism to respond to major emergencies, normalize and stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain, focus on key regions, industries, and enterprises, strengthen inter regional and upstream and downstream linkage, and help leading enterprises and key node enterprises solve blockages and blockages through "point to point" and "one to one" approaches, ensuring stable production and smooth supply chain of key enterprises.
Fully leverage the role of the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism for coal, electricity, oil, and gas transportation support work, strengthen resource coordination, develop emergency plans for energy supply assurance, guide local optimization and orderly electricity use measures, ensure the safety of electricity and coal supply during peak winter, and meet the reasonable energy demand of industrial development.
5. Continuously expanding new driving forces.
We will deepen the implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering, carry out pilot demonstration actions for intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the digitization of equipment, select and release a new batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstrations, and accelerate the transformation towards intelligence, greenery, and service-oriented manufacturing.
Deepen the innovation and development project of industrial internet, implement the "Hundred Thousand" project for 5G industry applications, deepen the integration and application of "5G+industrial internet", and accelerate the construction of 5G fully connected factories.6. Promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in the raw material industry.
Focus on industry segments or key products with good industrial foundation, prominent comparative advantages, and leading technology, leverage the leading role of leading enterprises in the industrial chain, and support the formation of a batch of industrial clusters.
Implement the implementation plan for carbon peaking in the field of fine industry and key industries, improve the green manufacturing system, and accelerate the promotion and application of energy-saving and carbon reduction equipment technology.
Ensure the supply and price stability of bulk raw materials, and improve the "red, yellow, and blue" warning mechanism for bulk raw material supply.
Optimize the layout and construction of national key new material platforms, deepen the implementation of the first batch of insurance compensation mechanisms, and accelerate the promotion of a batch of key new material production and market application.
7. Promote the stable recovery of the consumer goods industry.
Deeply implement the "three product" strategy of increasing variety, improving quality, and creating a brand, and develop the "Guidelines for Upgrading and Innovating Consumer Goods" to promote product iteration and updating.
8. Fully leverage the role of large enterprises as "pillars".
Large enterprises should prioritize stable growth and refine the implementation of stable growth goals and tasks. We should actively provide project, financial and other support to small and medium-sized enterprise suppliers, and ensure that the accounts of small and medium-sized enterprises are fully paid and quickly paid.
9. Strengthen support for the "specialized, refined, and innovative" development of small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises.
Fully leverage the coordination mechanism of small and medium-sized enterprises at all levels, implement various policies that benefit enterprises, and encourage local governments to introduce supporting measures.
Vigorously promote the development of characteristic industrial clusters for small and medium-sized enterprises, and stimulate the emergence of a large number of specialized, refined, and innovative enterprises, "small giants" enterprises, and single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry.
We will solidly carry out special actions to prevent and resolve outstanding payments to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as special rectification of illegal fees related to enterprises. We will focus on reducing the burden on enterprises, comprehensively inspect and rectify problems, and strive to create a good environment for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises.
10. Safeguard measures
Relevant departments in various regions should fully leverage the role of the coordination mechanism for stable industrial growth, strengthen organizational leadership, tap into policy potential, improve supporting measures, pay close attention to policy implementation, and promote the smooth operation of the local industrial economy.
All relevant departments should, in conjunction with their functional responsibilities, actively introduce policy measures that are conducive to promoting stable industrial economic growth, promote precise policy implementation, and further unleash policy effects.
Implement the State Council's package of policies and continuation policies to stabilize the economy, and make full use of financial and tax policies such as manufacturing tax rebates, R&D expenses deduction, and manufacturing special loans.
Make good use of small and micro enterprise financing guarantees, reduce fees, reward and supplement funds, and expand the scale of government financing guarantee business. Encourage local governments to arrange special funds for the relief of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide financial support to eligible enterprises.

On April 9-12, the Rubber Pipe and Tape Branch of China Rubber Association held a group standard preparation meeting for rubber pipe and tape in Chongqing. Some experts from the expert group and members of each preparation group of the rubber pipe and tape branch attended the meeting, and Li Hong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Rubber Industry Association and Secretary General of the rubber pipe and tape branch, attended the meeting.

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