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The safe use point of the hose

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(1) prior to use, the fossil powder in the tube must be blown clean to prevent the gas road from being blocked and an accident occurred.


(2) when used and kept, the contact with acid, alkali, oil and other organic solvents should be prevented to prevent damage and deterioration of the hose, causing problems when used.


(3) it should avoid mechanical damage such as extrusion and collision with the outside world. No rubber tube shall be folded, and it shall not be in contact with hot workpiece.


(4) if the flame is fired into the oxygen hose, the hose shall not be used and the new rubber tube must be replaced to ensure the safety.


(5) when the air is cut, the cylinder valve should be fully opened to ensure sufficient flow and steady pressure to prevent the explosion and fire from returning fire and pouring into the oxygen hose.


(6) oxygen and acetylene hose shall not be mixed with each other, or shall be replaced with other types of rubber tubes that are not qualified. The hose used shall meet the requirements of the state standards:


The rubber hose shall conform to the national standard (gb 2550-81) and the rubber tube shall be red.


The acetylene hose shall meet the national standards (gb 2551? 1) the regulation of the rubber tube is black.


(7) the hose should not be too long, so as not to drag and pull too much and increase the insecurity factor.


(8) the rubber pipe shall not have joint in principle. When the special case is needed, the pipe shall not be used in the pipe to prevent the explosion accident. Must be carefully tried, the head must ensure no leakage.

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