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High pressure oil pipe enterprises should also take social responsibility for development

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For a company that is mainly engaged in the high-pressure oil pipeline, it does not value social responsibility, its brand value will be damaged, and it will not be conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise. The pursuit of profit has always been the nature, goal and significance of the enterprise, and also the power source of corporate responsibility. Coping with social responsibility is an inevitable topic of enterprises, and the higher the enterprise, the higher the popularity, the more obvious the effect of the enterprise will be. Due to the openness of the enterprise, in the process of production and sales, the business activities of enterprises inevitably affect the external environment, as well as the external environment. This requires the enterprise to fulfill its responsibility to society. Moreover, with the increase of corporate profits and the expansion of scale, the responsibilities of enterprises will be greater. Like two sides of a coin, not all entrepreneurs are willing to take on corporate responsibility. Some entrepreneurs would argue that the nature of a businessman is to pursue interests, and that responsibility belongs to the obligation of government organizations. But there are also entrepreneurs who practice corporate responsibility, and passively take the initiative. While practicing responsibility, they create a good reputation and influence for themselves, and thus get a higher return on benefits.


Pressure of the high pressure tubing, the national standard requires that the test pressure is twice as much as the work pressure, and the blasting pressure is usually 3-4 times the work pressure. Simple appearance test method: look at the brightness of the cross section of its cross section, the brightness is high, and it is good to use nail to pinch its gum elasticity. High - pressure oil - pipe enterprises can't give other people things when they are not doing big, so we should make ourselves strong first. But companies can't really be strong if they don't. Therefore, we must be responsible to the supplier and responsible to the customers, so that we can stand out in the industry.

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